Saturday, March 5, 2011

***...Days start to blur...***

Written on Sunday. January 30, 2011

   Well, I had to split Saturday and Sunday apart for log purposes. Even though they seemed seamless to me. After breakfast I asked for a different cellmate, but the Sarge who is working doesn't usually work my unit. I asked him, “What are the chances of me getting a different cellmate?”

   He said, “None with me.”

   I told him, “Don't say I didn't ask.”

   When I cam back to my cell and laid down the swamper came to tell my cellmate that he had church at 7:30 AM. So, when he was gone to church, I finally got a chance to get some sleep. I was so tired. I didn't even notice him come back, so, I slept until lunch.

   Now, they just finished 12:15 pm head count. I'm going to try to get a nap in.

   I slept until nearly 3:30 PM so I went to dinner, came back, did head count at 5:30 PM and then waited to be let out to help the swamper fold laundry. Unfortunately we had a Sargent working that doesn't usually work and the laundry still wasn't here until late. So, I didn't get to help out tonight. I whipped up some noodles and got ready to read my book. The next thing I know, my cellmate was bitching about some C.O.'s taking his raps and poems.

   Apparently, he had them in a plastic sleeve so one of the Sargents must have taken them thinking they were contraband. So, my cellmate asked the 3rd shift Sargent if they took them. The only thing the Sargent said is that he could check if they did cell searches.

   He checked the computer and came back and said there wasn't any cell searches logged in the past week. He then suggested we both keep our property lockers locked at any time we're gone from our cell. There isn't much more he could do. He let my cellmate know he could file a complaint in the morning though.

   After all of that I tried to go to sleep but, of course, my cellmate had to keep the light on halfway through the night again. (Remember to self! He only has a couple of days until he leaves to bootcamp.)

  Until tomorrow...


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